Davis Design Group Services


Remodel Consultation and Specifications

This process is when your interior designer specifies all the products and materials that will best suit the client’s tastes, needs and budget for a Kitchen, Bathroom or other space remodel. With my vast knowledge and access to products and services unavailable to the public, a whole world of possibilities is opened to my clients.

A typical Kitchen or Bathroom remodel includes design layout and specifications of all finishes which may include flooring, cabinetry, hardware, appliances, plumbing, lighting, paint, decorative tile for showers, fireplaces, doors, door hardware, mirrors, etc.

It is my goal to design wonderful solutions for each and every aspect of the new space and provide beautiful practical finishes to suit your lifestyle and budget.   This service can be provided by consultation only or include the purchasing of specific finishes within our allotted budget.

Interior Design

Often mistaken for decorating, interior design encompasses much more than just pretty wallpaper or drapery.   Interior design is the definition of the space that you will live in both architecturally and aesthetically. It ranges from the remodel and new layout of a Kitchen or Master Bath, to that perfect table and chairs for your Breakfast Room or a beautifully upholstered club chair in your Family Room.

Some projects involve the structural aspects of the environment. You are asked if the current space is working for you the way it is now or could it serve your needs better? This is where the structural design comes in and a new layout is produced. Other times, a client may just want a whole new look, new furniture, flooring, window treatments or bedding. Interior design encompasses all these issues. This service can be provided by consultation only or include the furnishings within your personal budget.

Space Planning

Space planning involves several aspects of the design process. It can be as complex as designing a whole interior layout for a new construction, or be as simple as planning furniture placement in your Living Room or any area in the home.

Starting with a good space plan helps the rest of the design fall into place naturally, for an efficient and well-designed space to suit the purposes and activities that it will be intended for. Space planning is an integral part of the design process because it involves detailed thought on how and where you spend your time and what layout best suits your own individual space needs. Space planning is included with the overall Interior Design service.

Concept, Color and Style Development

This is the guidance a designer provides a client on themes, color palettes and styles that represent their personal style. Sometimes a client doesn’t know their personal style and the designer can then weed out what they do and don’t like until a great concept is unveiled that will inspired the client and give them a vision of an environment they would love to come home to every day; a place that would reflect their personality, lifestyle and color preferences.

A very good way for the prospective client to find this out before the designer is on the scene is to study design magazines, books or peruse and create Ideabooks. This will give your designers a good starting point. This is also where the designer’s expertise comes into play. My knowledge starts with using the elements of design which include line, space, form, shape, texture and color.

From there, your designer then refines these elements to your needs and tastes to be able to create a harmonious and delightful home, office or space that will not only meet all the user’s needs, but that that will be able to enjoy and take pride in for years to come.